Scottsdale Condos and Real Estate Hotter Than Summer

Geoff keeps up with the market and shows you the current stats every month. What’s going on in the market for Scottsdale Condos and homes? Geoff will always keep you up on that. Are homes trending upward? Downward? How many homes sold and in what categories? If I’m deciding to buy a home this summer or fall, is it a good decision or should I wait? The market is dynamic and no one is a seer but Geoff can help you understand what is going on right now and help you make an informed decision.

Here’s the Scottsdale Market August update:

When you get that piece right, the current state and “mood” of the market, you can have a clearer view of what constitutes a good buying strategy.

Plus, there’s the Kay-Grant Group who will always be glad to help you personally. That personal insight, especially into a specific community type such as the luxury condo market of Scottsdale in the Old Town community is what hyper-extends the ability of the buyer to come out ahead in a deal. The knowledge of a good real estate agent becomes your leverage.

Scottsdale Realtor Andrea Lilienfeld

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